uniforms on a table

Why must students wear white sneakers?
White sneakers prevent scuff marks and lessen the wear and tear on our floors. You can find white sneakers at various local stores, such as Adidas outlet, Foot Locker, and Nike outlet, or online. Colored logos (such as the Nike swoosh) or subtle piping in a contrasting color is generally okay.

Why are there two vendors?
Our goal is to provide parents with the most economical and convenient choice for school uniforms, while still maintaining the consistency and modesty in the uniform. Currently, Dennis offers a few items that are unavailable from Lands' End, and vice versa. We chose to make two vendors available to parents so they are able to choose the most affordable products from whichever vendor has what they need.

Why do I have to get the khaki skort on Lands' End and the plaid skort on Dennis? Why aren't they offered through both vendors?
The khaki skorts offered via each vendor differ to much in style from one another. We chose to go with Lands' End based on parent feedback that the style (with the undershorts separate from the skort as opposed to being all one piece, as well as having an adjustable waist) was more comfortable and economical. We would love to have been able to offer the plaid skort through Lands' End for the same reason, however, the LE plaid skort was significantly shorter than the Dennis style.

Can my daughter wear shorts underneath her jumper?

Is there an onsite uniform sale?
Yes, usually in August before school begins. Dennis Uniform will bring preprinted items. *Tip: If you plan on shopping the onsite sale, check with Terry in the front office to purchase Dennis SCRIP first and earn Tuition Reduction Credits!

What do I do with my old uniforms? Where can I find used uniforms instead of having to purchase brand new each year?
The uniform closet is located in the cafeteria and is normally accessible before and after school. You may donate your CLEAN, SERVICEABLE uniforms to the closet. Contact the front office for more details.