Kindergarten children wear the MSS gym uniform throughout the year. Navy t-shirt may be substituted for polo shirt during Optional Warm Weather Uniform period (First Day of School to October 15 and April 15 to Last Day of School). Winter uniform requires white or green polo and sweatpants, except on PE day. White sneakers worn year-round.

Girls – Grades 1-5

Navy and green plaid jumper with scoop neck and A-line styling or Khaki skort or pants, all worn with a white or hunter green short or long sleeve MSS logo shirt.

Girls – Grades 6-8

Navy and green plaid or khaki skort, length reaching to no more than 2 inches above the knees, or khaki pants, both worn with a white or hunter green short or long sleeve MSS logo knit shirt

Boys – Grades 1-8

Khaki pants worn with a white or hunter green short or long sleeve MSS logo knit shirt.

Boys and Girls Grades 1-8

Belts: Solid or braided black or brown belts. Belts must be worn with pants or shorts (except for Grade 1).

Shoes: Clean, SOLID WHITE traditional athletic shoes (sneakers) with non-marking soles, low cut with backs, suitable for physical education activities on a gymnasium floor (Velcro or white laces). No other colors, designs, or decorations are acceptable.

Socks: PLAIN white, navy blue, or hunter green knee high, crew, or quarter socks or tights. Socks must be at least 3-4 inches above the top of the shoe. No decorations or logos allowed on socks.

Sweaters: Hunter green MSS logo button-up or Zip front cardigan or crew neck MSS logo sweater (optional).

Vests: Forest green MSS logo fleece (optional).

Sweatshirts/Hoodies: May be worn in place of sweater inside the classroom on cold weather days.

Other Notes:

Standard/Winter Uniform (Year-Round): MSS logo white or hunter polo shirt and green sweatpants, khaki skorts/pants, jumpers, or plaid skorts.

Optional Warm Weather Uniform (First Day of School to October 15 and April 15 to Last Day of School): MSS logo white or hunter polo shirts and green gym shorts, khaki skorts/shorts, jumpers, or plaid skorts.

Exception for Extremely Hot Weather: Navy gym cotton logo T-shirt is permitted when the hot weather plan is announced via a written memo to parents. This shirt is kept tucked in except during PE class.

Pants, shorts, sweatpants, and skorts are not required to have the MSS logo. 

Girls limit jewelry to one pair of stud or button earrings, one ring, and a small necklace with a medal or cross. Boys limit jewelry to one ring and a small necklace with a small medal or cross. Parents and staff guide students in the selection of appropriate jewelry to wear with school uniforms.

Hair is neatly styled. Students and parents understand that fad haircuts, artificially dyed hair, highlighted hair, and radical style cuts do not complement the school uniform and are inappropriate for school.

Boys keep a traditional boy’s haircut trimmed above the ears, off the collar, and above the eyebrows.

Girls limit hair adornments to a simple ribbon, headband, or band to tie the hair. For safety and appearance, ribbons are short and do not hang down the back.

Students do not wear make-up; use only clear polish for nails and transparent lip balm.

Physical Education Uniform

PE Uniform sweatpants and polo or navy t-shirt are worn only on gym day in Grades 1-8. Mesh or knit gym shorts may be worn during warm weather period.

Out-of-Uniform Days

Special permission to be out of uniform is periodically given to individuals, classes, or the entire school:

Birthday: Students have permission to be out of uniform on their birthday. Summer birthday out of uniform privilege is arranged with the homeroom teacher.

Tag Day: Student clubs sponsor “Tag Day” for various projects they are doing. Notices are sent home via the Tuesday Newsletter regarding the fee to come out of uniform, whether it is full or shirt only out of uniform privilege, and destination of funds collected. Students wear appropriate, modest, safe, and respectful attire for school. Skirts are appropriate length; Spaghetti string tops, low cut tops, etc., are not worn. Text or graphics on shirts is ordinarily not permitted. For safety, school shoes are usually required.

If an out of uniform day falls on a scheduled P.E. day, clothing suitable for physical activity and sneakers should be worn.

Refer to Handbook for more specific guidelines - Rev Aug 2021