Can I Choose To Mix Remote Learning with In-School Learning?

At this time, for planning purposes, we are asking parents to choose only one option. As we proceed forward, we will re-evaluate the options.


Will Masks Be Required?

All students, teachers, staff, and visitors will be required to wear a cloth mask in all areas of the school, including classrooms. Students will be required to provide their own masks. They do not have to be a specific color or pattern. We ask that students bring an extra mask with them in the event they need to change their mask out. Disposable masks will be provided if a student forgets their mask.


How Will Social Distancing Be Accomplished?

Classrooms will be arranged so that student desks are properly distanced. Hallways and common areas will be marked to ensure proper distancing as well. We will be following CDC recommendations on social distancing on our buses.


What If There are Too Many Students to Social Distance on the Bus?

As soon as we know how many students will require bus service, we will determine if additional runs are needed to be able to adhere to guidelines.


How Will Cleaning Be Done?

All areas of the school building will be sanitized throughout the school day and at the end of the school day. Additional cleaning will take place every Friday afternoon. In addition, ample hand sanitizer, hand soap, and disinfectant wipes will be available throughout the school building. Buses will also be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in adherence to health recommendations.


Will Health Checks Be Performed Each Day?

All students, teachers, and staff will be required to complete a daily health questionnaire. In addition, all students, teachers, staff, and visitors will be required to have their temperature checked prior to entering the school building or boarding a Mother Seton School bus.


Will School Visitors Be Allowed?

School visitors will be limited to essential needs only. We will not hold any school assemblies, in-person Masses, or prayer services.


Do We Still Need to Wear the Full Uniform? Are Masks Part of the Uniform?

Students may choose to wear either the regular school uniform or the PE uniform every day. The PE uniform will continue to be required on PE days. The school shoe must be a white tennis shoe, with white or light non-marking soles. The shoe itself may have colored markings, such as logos.

Cloth masks do not have to match the uniform, though Lands' End will shortly be offering 3-packs of masks for purchase that will have our logo on them. These will be optional.


Can My Child Still Buy Hot Lunch?

Students will eat lunch in the classroom, or weather permitting, outside. Students may purchase lunch however options will be limited. Students bringing a lunch from home are asked to use a brown paper bag with all disposable items. This will limit the transport of items between home and school.


What About Using Water Fountains?

The water fountains will not be available. Students may bring a water bottle to school every day. If a student needs additional water, or forgets their water bottle, bottled water will be available in the school office.


Will My Child Still Have Recess?

Weather permitting, students will have outdoor recess. Depending on the circumstances and teacher direction, masks may be removed during outdoor recess time. However, if students are unable to adhere to social distance protocols, they will be required to wear a mask.


Will There Be After School Clubs and Activities?

At this time, we will not have any after school clubs or activities. This decision will be revisited later in the school year and adjusted based on health and safety guidelines.