Hot lunches available for 2021-2022

Now through the end of the year we will have Pizza Thursdays! Orders for pizza must be placed the day before.

Extra snacks/desserts cannot be purchased until students' have eaten lunch they've bought or brought from home.

All lunches bought will be billed to the family's SchoolAdmin account. No cash will be accepted.

No visitors will be allowed at this time. When school may resume as normal, parents will be welcome to enjoy lunch with their student.


Full lunches include entree, side, dessert, and drink.

Full Lunch
with milk: $3.25
with juice: $3.50
Entree Only: $1.75
Sides: $1.00
Dessert: $0.75

small: $1.50
large: $2.50

Soup: $1.00

Ham & Cheese: $1.75
PB&J: $1.25


Milk: $0.10
Juice: $0.50
Water: $1.00 

All Snacks: $.60

Ice Cream Prices Vary: $0.35-$0.75


Lunch is available four (4) days a week. Children may pack their lunch, however NO MICROWAVE is available for heating foods. Parents are not permitted to deliver restaurant or fast food lunches for their children in lieu of purchasing from the cafeteria or bringing a lunch from home. 

Pizza is served each Thursday from an outside vendor. We must take a count for pizza lunch on Wednesday.  

Pre Pay/Charging for Lunch

All students purchasing lunch will have their lunch charged. There will be no cash transactions. 

Delayed Openings

If school is delayed in the morning due to inclement weather, lunch will continue to be served.  Students will have a choice of soup or sandwich (PB&J or Ham/Cheese).