Schedule and Procedures

Full Hot Lunch Daily

The cafeteria has a full hot lunch available on a daily basis, consisting of an entree, side dish (either a vegetable or potato), dessert and drink. A fresh salad bar and hot soup is also available daily. Usually, there are extra items available such as chips, ice cream, and more. Beverages include chocolate milk, white milk, and apple juice.


  • The Cafeteria is open for lunch each full day of school.
  • No lunch is served on 12:30 dismissal days.


Parents are welcome to have lunch with their children; however, if you plan to buy with us we ask you to please send in a note to the attention of the cafeteria and let us know what you plan to purchase so we may plan accordingly.

Pizza Fridays

Just a reminder that it’s important for every student that wants pizza on Fridays to order in advance. Our order is phoned in on Thursday, so it’s not possible to add extra slices on Friday. We appreciate your help!

Pre-K Full Day

To assist parents to monitor their children’s purchases Full Day Pre-K students order and prepay lunch on a weekly basis.  Order forms are sent home each Friday and returned on Monday with payment for the week.

Grades K-8

Students of grades K-8 purchase lunch on a daily basis.

Purchasing Extras

Students are not permitted to purchase extras/snacks until they have eaten an entrée either purchased from school or brought from home. Pre-Pay Lunch: Pre-Kindergarten Full Day prepay lunch on a weekly basis. Grades K-8 order and pay for lunch daily. K, First, and Second Grade teachers will send home directions to parents for the daily order.

Packing Lunches

Children may pack their lunches, however no microwave is available for heating foods.

Cafeteria Charges

Charging lunch is permitted in exceptional cases only, and never for ice cream, sides, or snacks. In an emergency a child may obtain a charge form from the homeroom teacher during morning entrance time to charge for the full meal or entrée or one side and milk. A second request to charge will not be honored until the first charge has been paid.

Green School Goal

Reduce Lunchroom Trash! Families are strongly encouraged to pack with reusable containers rather than plastic or paper wraps.


Full Lunch

  • Entree, side dish, dessert with milk $3.25
  • Entree, side dish, dessert with juice $3.50

A La Carte

  • Entree Only $1.75

  • Side Dish (potatoes, green beans, etc.) $1.00
  • Soup $1.00
  • Salad $1.50 & $2.50
  • Chips $.60
  • Dessert $.75
  • Ice Cream $.25 - $.85
  • Milk (chocolate or white) $.20
  • Juice $.50