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About Our Weather Station

man shows weather station equipment to children
USAF SMSgt (Ret) Lyle Tayler, a former weather forecaster, demonstrates the weather station equipment to the 3rd-grade.

Our MSS students, guided by our media center director Mrs. Monacelli, helped raise the funds toward the Weather Station through sales of "Faith-in-the-Flakes" T-shirts and in the Spring of 2018, the MSS Weather Station was installed!

Our on-site Weather Station provides multiple opportunities for students in all grades to take their exploration of weather science deeper. Some of the activities students participate in:

  • Observing and recording weather conditions
  • Learning how the equipment works
  • Making predictions based on station information

Thanks to the generosity of Pastor Jon Greenstone of Elias Lutheran Church in Emmitsburg, our weather station can be accessed online! You can download the WeatherLink 2.0 app to your smartphone or tablet and check current weather conditions at MSS anytime. (Free account sign-up required to use app.) Or you can visit the Quicklinks on our website to see a summary of data.

Pastor Jon donated the online service in memory of his father, Renny Greenstone. As Pastor Jon relates:

...Even watching the "blips" (clouds) on the first weather radars contributed greatly to our quality of life today--let alone the safety and success of bombers and fighter planes who received the weather reports from those early Airborn Radar Meteorologists -- as Dad described "the NY city boys with the math and physics training."  Who along with the men and women who were in far more danger and brutality of war efforts .... All our heroes to whom we owe our deepest gratitude.

We are honored to be able to share the Renny Greenstone Memorial Weather Station with our students and the community.

Read More about Renny Greenstone

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