Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 STEM Fair!

First Place

  • Gr 6: Giovan Nana, Temperature Effect on Balloom Powered Cars
  • Gr 7: Catalina Caretti, Stain Removers
  • Gr 8: Emma and Sarah Simmons, Respiratory Distress Monitor for Asthmatic Horses (Invention)

Second Place

  • Gr 6: Brian Bowers, Liquids that prevent or cause rust
  • Gr 7: Noah Riling, Inclined Plane Physics
  • Gr 8: Olivia JAeger, Calming Dogs with the Right Frequency of Music

Third Place

  • Gr 6: Philip Field, Effect of Peroxide Concentration on Forming Foam
  • Gr 7: Peyton Myles, Efficacy of homemade water filters
  • Gr 8: Aidan Burnette, Testing Glow Fuel vs Kerosene in Model Jet Engines

Honorable Mentions

  • Gr 6: Mackenzie Hager, Making a Geiger Counter
  • Gr 7: Gabriel Valerio, What Type of Coal Burns the Hottest
  • Gr 8: Lindjie Ulma and Bernadette Forze: Testing Homemade Root Beer Against A&W

Grand Champions: Emma and Sarah Simmons

Thank you to our esteemed judges, including several MSS Alumni!

group of men and women standing in a line in front of science projects

Dillon Fitzgerald (MSS), Ed Hatter (MSS), Mackenzie Orndorff (MSS), Edison Hatter (MSS), Anna Eyler (MSS), Bill Little (MSS), Jeff Crefton (MSS), Dr. Lisa McLeod-Simmons, PhD, Bernie Buckley, Ron Albaugh

Highlights from STEM Fair 2022