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2023 STEM Fair Winners

2023 STEM Fair Winners

Congratulations to this year's STEM Fair winners!

Grade 6:

1st Place: Maggie Slater, Do Equine Tendon Boots Do More Harm Than Good?

2nd Place: Muna Jinadu, Naturally Preserving Grapes

3rd Place: Sam Pollitt, Does the Strength of an Electromagnet Change with the Number of Turns in the Magnet's Coil?

Grade 7:

1st Place: Mia Bussey, Which Surface Has the Most Germs?

2nd Place: Philip Field, Which Rocket Will Fly the Farthest?

T-3rd Place: Madison Williams, Water Filtration Systems

T-3rd Place: Grace Williams, Do Greenhouse Gases Affect Earth More in Hot, Warm, or Cold Temperatures?

Grade 8:

1st Place: Grady Abruzzese, Interference of Radio Waves

T-2nd Place: Noah Riling, Does Running Reduce Stress?

T-2nd Place: Catalina Caretti, Which Moisturizer Retains the Most Liquid?

3rd Place: Gabriel Valerio, How Does the PSI Impact the Distance of a Soccer Ball?

And the GRAND CHAMPION award goes to Mackenzie Hager (grade 7), What Material Would Protect Astronauts the Best on Mars?