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We LOVE Our Volunteers!

Mother Seton School encourages parents, grandparents, and others to contribute their time, talents, and treasures for the benefit of our students.

Ample volunteer opportunities exist through the school directly and through the Home and School Association (HSA).

5 Reasons to Get Involved

  • Your Child Benefits. Research shows children whose parents are involved get better grades, do better on tests, and have fewer discipline problems at school.
  • We Make a Difference. We provide support and resources to help teachers and administrations do their best work for our children. We help create learning opportunities and try to build the kind of supportive, caring atmosphere that makes school fun and keeps children engaged.

  • We Have Fun. Volunteer work shouldn’t be drudgery. While we accomplish a lot and work hard on important matters, we try to enjoy ourselves along the way.
  • There’s Much to Be Done. We have a great school. To keep improving and creating an even better environment for our children, we need all hands on deck.
  • This Work is Very Rewarding. It’s seeing the bright light of learning sparkle in a child’s eye, or the smile that shows we’re making school a little more fun. It’s learning that tests scores have risen and knowing we played a role. The rewards are many.

Won’t You Join Us? Contact us today at 301-447-3161.