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Penny Power

What is Penny Power? It’s an annual week-long fundraiser for the MSS Technology Fund. Students are encouraged to bring in their pennies (or dimes, dollars, and checks!) each day to help us meet our goal of $10,000.

October 23-27, 2023 - Goal $10K for Classroom Tech Upgrades

How It Works

Students in each class bring in donations from home--cash, checks, coins--or you may make a gift using our online platform.

The bank will only accept rolled coins from us, so it would be greatly appreciated if you roll the coins before donating!

Each day, we total up the donations. The class in each unit--Primary (PreK-grade 1), Intermediate (gr 2-4), and Middle School (gr 5-8)--with the most money collected wins the daily prize noted on the other side. Progress will be shared online and on the board at school. PreK will receive a grade-appropriate reward in lieu of homework or out-of-uniform passes.

At the end of the week, the cumulative amount of money collected by each class will determine the winners of the Piglet Prize (one class in each unit) and the Big Pig Prize (overall school winner).

A Big Pig Prize winner may not also be a Piglet Prize winner or Friday's daily winner.

To make donating easy, we have set up a Pledgestar account, so you can make a donation through a specific class -- that way, your gift will count toward earning a reward!

Visit MSS Penny Power at Pledgestar to register and begin giving. Click HERE if you need instructions.

Classroom winners will be announced and posted below at the end of the day. You can also view the PledgeStar Leaderboard for real-time updates, however, we begin counting donations at 8:30am. Any donations made after 8:30am are counted in the next day's totals.



Here are the results of our daily contests:

MONDAY (No Homework Pass)

Primary: Mrs. McIlrath, $182.26

Intermediate: Mrs. Mullineaux, $433.94

Middle School: Ms. Celestial, $313.37

Total for the Day: $1672.84 | Total to Date: $1672.84 | Total Weight: 37.09 lbs


TUESDAY (Extra Recess Pass)

Primary: Ms. Grinder, $433.95

Intermediate: Mrs. Marr, $431.53

Middle School: Ms. Celestial, $126.85

Total for the Day: $3616.28 | Total to Date: $5289.12 | Total Weight:  84.02lbs


WEDNESDAY (Free Ice Cream) - Based on Weight

Primary: Ms. Grinder, 65.4 lbs

Intermediate: Ms. Trainor, 36 lbs

Middle School: Mr. Cosentino, 39.60

Total for the Day: 433.68 lbs | Total $ to Date: $8783.45 | Total Weight to Date:  517.7lbs


THURSDAY (Comfy Clothes Day)

Primary: Ms. Conway, $223.79

Intermediate: Mrs. Krome, $340.16

Middle School: Mrs. Kuykendall, $1414.14

Total for the Day: $5510.88 | Total to Date: $14294.33 | Total Weight:  772.45 lbs


FRIDAY (Storytime & Snacks with Mrs. Monacelli)

Primary: Mrs. Keller, $184.33

Intermediate: Mrs. Krome, $306.89

Middle School: Mr. Brown, $130.50

Total for the Day: $3260.61 | Total to Date: $17554.94 | Total Weight:  838.43 lbs

Our Big Pig Grand Prize Winner: Ms. Celestial's 5th grade, $2193.68

Our Porky Pig Prize Winner: Ms. Grinder's 1st grade, 100.79 lbs

Piglet Winners (class with highest amount collected in each unit excluding Big Pig and Porky Pig prize winners):

Primary - Ms. Conway, $1143.38

Intermediate - Mrs. Mullineaux, $1481.86

Middle School - Mrs. Kuykendall's 8th grade, $1709.13