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SCRIP & Grocery Cards

Scrip, now known as RaiseRight, is a nationwide fundraising program that sells discounted gift cards to nonprofit organizations. Simply by ordering and using these gift cards, funds can be earned toward tuition reductions at MSS. Families will keep 90% of all discounts and MSS will keep 10% to cover shipping and handling charges. (Example: $100 order with 5% discount; Families keep $4.50 MSS $.50)

If you order online through the RaiseRight website, you have the option to choose physical gift cards (mailed to school or to your home) or eGifts sent via email or saved to your account.

*TIP: If you will be shopping a particular online store, buy yourself an eGift--receive a tuition credit without spending any additional money.

To register on the website, you will need the school enrollment code: 366BAB152678

You can also order and purchase gift cards through the front office. Contact Terry at 301-447-3161 for more information or questions.