SCRIP Gift Card Tuition Reduction Program Explained

Getting Started
SCRIP Merchant List
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SCRIP Now Electronic Gift Cards

The National Scrip Program is a nationwide fundraising program that sells discounted gift cards to nonprofit organizations. Simply by ordering and using these gift cards, funds can be earned toward tuition reductions at MSS. Families will keep 90% of all discounts and MSS will keep 10% to cover shipping and handling charges. (Example: $100 order with 5% discount; Families keep $4.50 MSS $.50)

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Who Can Order Gift Cards?

Anyone can order grocery certificates from you. All parents and their friends, families, neighbors, etc. can use this program to earn reductions and funds for MSS.

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How Do I Order SCRIP Gift Cards?

ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED ONLINE. However, if this is a problem please contact us for alternative options. Print out the page entitled Getting Started at It will give you complete instructions on how to place your orders. Online orders will not be released until MSS has received payment. All you need to do is print your confirmation page and send it to along with your payment by each order date.

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When Do I Pick Up My SCRIP Orders?

Orders will follow the schedule below which follow the same dates as our Grocery Gift Card Program. All SCRIP orders must be turned in on Mondays with a print out of the online confirmation page and full payment. All gift cards will be available for pick-up in the front office on Thursday afternoons by dismissal time.

Holiday Scrip Order & Pick-up Dates

Scrip cards will be stocked and available for pick-up throughout summer months. You may place orders by phone at 301-447-3161 or e-mail Terry Smith at

Office hours for pick up will be Monday -Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

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How Do I Receive My Tuition Reduction Statement?

Every month a Tuition reduction statement is mailed to you from our Accounting Office.

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Who Can Help Me Get Started?

Call Terry Smith at (301) 447-3161 or through e-mail and get started ASAP!

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SCRIP/Grocery Cards In Stock

These are SCRIP and Grocery Cards in stock at the front office. Pay and go - no online ordering necessary!

Merchant (card value increments)

  • Amazon ($25 and $10)
  • Barnes and Noble ($100 and $25)
  • Dennis Uniform ($20)
  • Domino's Pizza ($25 and $10)
  • Exxon ($50)
  • FoodLion ($50)
  • Giant ($50)
  • Giant Eagle ($50)
  • Itunes ($15)
  • Jubilee ($50)
  • Kennie's ($50)
  • Lands' End ($25)
  • Lowe's ($100 and $25)
  • Safeway ($50)
  • Sheetz ($100 and $25)
  • Subway ($10)
  • Target ($100, $50, and $25)
  • Walmart ($100, $50, $25, and $10)
  • Weis ($50)

We also have the following in limited numbers and will not reorder once gone:

Avis ($50 - 4 cards total)

Budget ($50 - 1 card)

Long John Silver's ($15 - 3 cards total)