YES! You CAN afford strong academics and solid values for your child.

Having experienced deep poverty herself, Mother Seton never lost an opportunity to provide for those who were poor. She appropriately named her original school in Emmitsburg St. Joseph Academy and Free School and made it clear that all students were welcome—those whose families were rich in worldly goods and those whose families had scarce financial resources.

Faithful to the legacy of St. Elizabeth Ann, Mother Seton School remains committed to providing a Catholic education to students from families of diverse economic backgrounds.

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Tuition Assistance
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Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance requests are processed through FACTS

Financial aid is granted for one year. Parents re-apply annually at the time of registration for the following year. The amount of aid is granted according to family need and availability of funds. We highly encourage families to complete their FACTS applications as soon as possible.

Feeder parishes may also grant assistance to parish families. Contact your pastor or parish administrator for more information about how to apply for parish assistance with tuition. Generally, parishes in the Archdiocese of Baltimore require families to submit their application through FACTS.

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529 Education Savings Plan
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529 Education Savings Plan

529 Savings Plans are tax-advantaged investment plans (similar to a 401(k) or an IRA) that allow parents and/or guardians to put money away for their beneficiary's tuition needs in the future. 

These plans have historically been for college tuition use only, but the new tax bill, signed into effect on January 1, 2018, now allows these funds to be used for private school tuition at the K-12 level. DOWNLOAD FACTSHEET

For more information on these plans and how they might be able to assist your family, please contact a licensed financial advisor.

Maryland BOOST
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Maryland BOOST

In 2016, the Maryland legislature expanded educational options for income-eligible students through the passage of the Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today (BOOST) Program. The program provides tuition assistance scholarships to students to help them attend the nonpublic school best fit for their educational needs. 

Continuation of the program and amount designated for scholarships is determined by the Maryland General Assembly each year. The application period is expected to open on or about March 1st.


Please visit the Maryland BOOST page for application deadlines and to apply.

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In addition to financial aid, Mother Seton School offers other opportunities to reduce your tuition costs through reduction credits. These credits may be earned by:

  1. Referrals. Current parents who refer a family to MSS will receive a one-time $200 tuition credit. The referring family must be listed on the new family's registration form as the source of referral.
  2. SCRIP/Grocery Gift Card Program. Buy gift cards through MSS and receive a percentage of the purchase price as a tuition reduction credit.

Families may also make an appointment with the Principal to discuss their financial needs. We make every effort to assist families who seek a quality Catholic education for their children.


2023-24 Tuition rates, Fees, and Registration deadlines are listed below. Please access the SchoolAdmin Portal to register and set up payments. There are no additional fees to set up a payment plan.

Tuition includes (per child) a basic individual photo package (1-8x10, 2-5x7, 4-3x5, 8-wallets) and a yearbook.