aerial view of mother seton school entranceway and circle

Having experienced deep poverty herself, Mother Seton never lost an opportunity to provide for those who were poor. She appropriately named her original school in Emmitsburg St. Joseph Academy and Free School and made it clear that all students were welcome—those whose families were rich in worldly goods and those whose families had scarce financial resources.

Faithful to the legacy of St. Elizabeth Ann, Mother Seton School remains committed to providing a Catholic education to students from families of diverse economic backgrounds.

Financial aid is granted for one year. Parents re-apply annually at the time of registration for the following year. The amount of aid is granted according to family need and availability of funds.

Feeder parishes also grant assistance to parish families. Contact your pastor or parish administrator for more information about how to apply for parish assistance with tuition.

Your family may be eligible for a Maryland BOOST Scholarship. Visit the official site for more information and application deadlines.

Current parents who refer a family to MSS will receive a one-time $200 tuition credit. The referring family must be listed on the new family's registration form as the source of referral.

New families make an appointment with the Principal to discuss their financial needs and request an application. FACTS Financial Aid Applications are available beginning January 1, 2022. 

Did you know? You can now use your Maryland 529 account to pay your MSS tuition!

Application Fee (for new students)

$30.00 per child due at the time of application

Registration Fee

REGISTRATION FEE (ON-TIME BY 2/14/22) = $175/per student (Maximum $525/family)

REGISTRATION FEE (LATE ON/AFTER 2/15/22) = $300 (Maximum $900/family)

Tuition Rates for 2022-2023 *

  • FULL DAY K – 8
    • Child 1 = $5,835
    • Child 2 = $4,835
    • Child 3 = $4,835
    • Child 4 = $0 (youngest sibling even if youngest is half-day Pre-K)
  • FULL DAY PRE-K 3 & 4
    • Child 1 = $6,225
    • Child 2 = $5,225
    • Child 3 = $5,225
    • Child 4 = $0 (youngest sibling even if youngest is half-day Pre-K)
  • HALF DAY PRE-K 3 & 4 (no discounts for half-day students)
    • Half-day (5 days) = $4,100 (8am to 11:30am)
    • Partial-week rates for Pre-K 3 students may be available upon request     
    • Pre-K 3 Full-Day (3 days)          $3,895
    • Pre-K 3 Half-Day (3 days)         $2,565
    • Pre-K 3 Full-Day (2 days)          $2,670
    • Pre-K 3 Half-Day (2 days)         $1,750
  •  Fourth child with lowest tuition free
  • Active Duty and Active Reserve Military receive a 10% discount with proof of service (Full-Day only)

* Tuition rates include (per child) a yearbook and basic fall photo package (1-8x10, 2-5x7, 4-3x5, 8-wallets)

Mother Seton Bus Fees

  •  1-way: $500 per year
  •  2-way: $800 per year

Before School Care Available 7:00-8:00 a.m. (All Pre-K-Grade 8)

After School Care Available until 6 p.m. (Full Day Pre-K- Grade 8)

  •  $6/per hour one-child
  •  $9/per hour two-children
  •  $12/per hour three-children


-     JANUARY 1: FACTS financial aid application opens

-     JANUARY 21: Deadline to be considered for first-round financial assistance. (Each subsequent round will have fewer assistance resources and may result in a lower award. Families are strongly encouraged to complete their FACTS applications by January 21.)

-     JANUARY 13: Re-Registration Opens

-     FEBRUARY 4: Families who completed FACTS by 1/21/22 notified of financial aid awards

-     FEBRUARY 14: Re-Registration Closes; All registration fees must be paid

-     FEBRUARY 15: Registration for New Students Opens

-     FEBRUARY 15 AND LATER: Late Registration Fee applied to families re-enrolling their students and who have not yet paid the registration fee