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male and female students playing with blocks on desk in classroom

I attended this school from Pre-K to eighth grade and absolutely loved it. I had encouraging teachers, wonderful friends, and developed a strong Catholic identity! MSS cultivates a great work ethic and ensures that each child's needs are met. I would highly recommend this school to anyone! It really prepares you for high school and college.

MSS Alumnus

If it's important that your child grows strong and true, shouldn't everyone and everything around them strengthen their mind and heart?

A great education isn't just what our children learn. it's what becomes part of them.

It's every teacher, student, and parent who welcomes, accepts, and inspires them.

It's every instance of discovery, challenge, reflection, and generosity.

It's space for creativity and potential, encircled by a sense of how we must care for each other and the world.

It's every high expectation, every good choice.

It's all part of a Mother Seton School education.

Because it's important.